A Letter to Our Oldest Daughter on Your 9th Birthday

Amelia! Today, you are nine years old! I used to be amazed at how old you were and how big you were getting and now I marvel at your maturity and how much fun you are to hang out with. Your favorite color is still turquoise, but you also really love pink and purple and can mix patterns like no one else. You love the Hamilton Soundtrack (who doesn’t‽) and can tolerate your sister’s obsession with the Frozen and Moana soundtracks. You’re still taking piano…Continue Reading “A Letter to Our Oldest Daughter on Your 9th Birthday”

A Letter to Our Youngest Daughter on Your 3rd Birthday

You are 3 years old today, Violet. You’ve grown so much over the past year and your personality has really shone through lately. Violet, you are still incredibly sweet and surprisingly considerate for someone your age. You can be stubborn and selfish, to be sure, but you also spend a lot of time making sure others are happy or comfortable. If you see something red you’ll say, “Dad, look, red! You’re favorite kind!” Or you’ll say, “Dad, look, that’s turkwiss (turquoise), Amelia’s favorite kind!” Your…Continue Reading “A Letter to Our Youngest Daughter on Your 3rd Birthday”

Heroes for My Daughters: Bonnie Tinker

When I first met Bonnie Tinker she was coming out of jail. I was legal observing for a large anti-war march where she and her son had been arrested. Her wife, Sara, waited patiently outside the jail with us for hours while Bonnie and their son were booked on various charges. Police had used unprovoked violence, pepper-spray, rubber bullets, and bean-bag rounds against unarmed activists in a misguided attempt at crowd control. Late into the night we were getting updates from inside the jail and…Continue Reading “Heroes for My Daughters: Bonnie Tinker”

The Tale of René Vietto

In 1934, a 20 year-old kid named René Vietto was racing the Tour de France for the first time with the French National team. At the time, participants rode either as individuals or as members of national teams. Vietto flatted the first two stages and lost considerable time in the General Classification. While his team leader, Antonin Magne, was winning overall, Vietto won stages 7, 9 and 11–all mountain stages–to climb to 3rd place overall. In stage 16, Vietto led the charge up the largest…Continue Reading “The Tale of René Vietto”

A Letter to Our Oldest Daughter on Your 8th Birthday

How in the world are you already eight years old? We’ve had such a big year! We moved–again. Although, this one should be for good. Amelia, you’re a great kid. You get upset with your sister sometimes, but that’s understandable. You still love turquoise and making cozy little nests around the house with pillows and blankets. You’re slightly less picky about your foods. You love pizza, but also brussels sprouts and salad. You still hate crust. We’ve been on a couple of longer bike rides…Continue Reading “A Letter to Our Oldest Daughter on Your 8th Birthday”

A Letter to Our Youngest Daughter on Your 2nd Birthday

How much you’ve grown! This last year we moved–again–from Dallas to Arizona. Every box was covered with little drawings of cats because anytime you saw a marker or a pen you’d say, “taaa taaa” until someone drew you a cat. That was 6 months ago and your words are already better. Now, instead of cats, you ask for us to draw a sad baby. Then, once the sad baby is drawn, you ask for a grandpa to come and hold the baby until the baby…Continue Reading “A Letter to Our Youngest Daughter on Your 2nd Birthday”

A Letter to Oldest Daughter on Your 7th Birthday

This has been a busy year. This is the year we are trying unschooling. It’s got pros and cons, but it’s been great getting to spend so much time with you. Your mom works really hard wearing all of the hats she has to wear and I know she really appreciates your help. You’re so good with your little sister. She doesn’t know how to share and gets really frustrated with you and you’re so patient and kind. You always forgive her. She’s been doing…Continue Reading “A Letter to Oldest Daughter on Your 7th Birthday”

A Letter to Our Youngest Daughter on Your 1st Birthday

You were born on one of the snowiest days I can remember Lubbock having. Your mom had been having contractions for a while, and we just couldn’t figure out if it was time. Finally, all of the pieces sort of came together. The midwife and her apprentice were in town. They would check on your mom, then go back to the hotel to wait for the call. It was nice to have that space. But as the weather got worse, I started to worry if…Continue Reading “A Letter to Our Youngest Daughter on Your 1st Birthday”