Heroes for My Daughters: Bonnie Tinker

When I first met Bonnie Tinker she was coming out of jail. I was legal observing for a large anti-war march where she and her son had been arrested. Her wife, Sara, waited patiently outside the jail with us for hours while Bonnie and their son were booked on various charges. Police had used unprovoked violence, pepper-spray, rubber bullets, and bean-bag rounds against unarmed activists in a misguided attempt at crowd control. Late into the night we were getting updates from inside the jail and…Continue Reading “Heroes for My Daughters: Bonnie Tinker”

Heroes for My Daughters: The Jane Collective

From 1969 until the 1973 Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade legalized abortion, Jane counseled women about abortion and helped gain access to underground abortion providers. Jane initially sought to screen abortionists and find competent providers but felt that so long as women are dependent on providers they remain powerless. Officially known as The Abortion Counseling Service of Women’s Liberation and operating in Chicago, the collective counseled women of every class, race, and ethnicity and offered services at little to no cost and no one…Continue Reading “Heroes for My Daughters: The Jane Collective”

Heroes for My Daughters: Mara Abbott

Updated to add: Please read her piece for the Wall Street Journal about her 2016 Olympic Road Race. It can be found here.  Last Sunday was a quiet day for sports in most US homes. Some people were watching golf or World Cup. Maybe even a few were watching the Tour de France. It was tough watching Lance go down then get back up, only to finish the day too far behind to catch up. While all that was going on, something amazing was happening….Continue Reading “Heroes for My Daughters: Mara Abbott”