A Letter to Our Daughter on Your 4th Birthday

You are 4.

Four years old.

It’s been a long year and we’ve asked a lot of you. We asked you to leave your home and leave behind your best friend, your school, and your cousins to move halfway across the country. It wasn’t easy for any of us, but least of all you.

You’ve handled it really well and now that you’re 4 it’s really starting to show how much you’ve grown. You love your new preschool, though your mom and I have our doubts about it. Every day when I pick you up you ask if I brought you cookies. (That was a tradition I probably shouldn’t have started.)

Moving has had its up sides. You’ve gotten to spend time with your grandparents and great-grandparents. I’m not sure if you’ll remember this time as you get older, but you’ve developed a pretty sweet relationship with my mom’s mom. I don’t know how or why you’ve chosen her–maybe it’s because you’re named after her–but it’s fun to watch. A few weeks ago you decided you were going to spend the night with her and all but refused to leave. It took some cajoling and promising, but you finally agreed to leave on the condition you could spend the night with her soon.

For Christmas, Santa brought you a new turquoise (of course) bike. It’s got pedals and two wheels just like you wanted. It’s got training wheels, but I’m hoping to get you away from those soon. Right after Christmas, I re-taught your Tia Ang to ride a bike and you were so encouraging, I couldn’t tell if I was more proud of her for riding, or you for the support. I know she appreciated it, too.

You still don’t eat crust and it kills me. You refuse to try anything new. I’m sure you’ll grow out of it eventually, but right now you eat about 10 things all told. The other day you told your mom, “I believe in bikes. I believe in not eating animals, and I believe in cupcakes.”

I don’t think I could’ve said it better myself.

Happy birthday, sweetheart.