A Letter to Our Youngest Daughter on Your 2nd Birthday

img_0043How much you’ve grown!

This last year we moved–again–from Dallas to Arizona. Every box was covered with little drawings of cats because anytime you saw a marker or a pen you’d say, “taaa taaa” until someone drew you a cat. That was 6 months ago and your words are already better. Now, instead of cats, you ask for us to draw a sad baby. Then, once the sad baby is drawn, you ask for a grandpa to come and hold the baby until the baby is happy.

Which reminds me, Violet, you love your grandpas. You LOVE them. You like talking about them and seeing them. Tonight, when grandma FaceTimed with you, you asked to see my dad. That’s all. You just wanted to make sure he was there and okay. When your mom’s dad stayed with us for a week you wanted to sit with him and hang out with him.

I love that you like going to Home Depot with me. You say hi to EVERYONE. And not just a, “hi,” but an aggressive, “Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi.” You do this until they respond back to you. Then when they try to engage you in conversation you immediately start talking about your sister, “yaya.”

“Yaya on the but.” That’s how you say, “Amelia on the bus.”

You’ve got this hilarious little sense of humor. The other day you stuck a pencil up your nose, turned to your mom and said, “B.Y. boober.” Which translates to “pencil booger.” The sheer simplicity and yet brilliance of a pencil booger gag from a 1 and a half year-old cracks me up. (Note: B.Y. is the catchall phrase for pen/pencil/marker because, I suppose, you write Bs and Ys with them.)

Violet, today you are finally two. For the past six or seven months you’ve been telling everyone who would listen that you are two. And now, it’s actually true. You have learned how to count. You’re accurate to about 4 or 5 and then you just start saying numbers. You’re incredibly polite. So many pleases and thank yous. My mom will be happy to know that you love shutting cabinets that are left open. She will be unhappy to know that you learned “holy crap” from someone. It came out, “hopey crap” but it was pretty clear.

img_0044You love cereal. You don’t have a favorite color just yet. And you are a little fish. You would swim all day every day if we let you. You’re fearless in the water. It’s amazing and terrifying to watch. Oh and you love motorcycles and trucks and cars. You get really excited when you see motorcycles and big trucks on the roads. You won’t understand this until you’re older, but I love seeing your enthusiasm for even the simplest things.

The sweetest thing you like doing is checking in with everyone. “Mommy happy?” “Daddy happy?” “Yaya happy?” I like to think your concern says something about who you will be, but right now, I’m just happy you’re happy. Happy birthday.